Orangeville Family Dental

About Your Dental Safety

At Credit Creek Dental our team takes infection control and dental safety seriously.

Dentists and patients are equally concerned about the spread of infections and dental safety. Our office shares this concern and that is why we adhere to very stringent infection control techniques and protocols.

These include:

Instrument Sterilization

All of our instruments are sterilized using either steam sterilization or chemical sterilization. These modes of sterilization are carried out using either a Statim for steam sterilization or an Autoclave for heat and steam sterilization. In addition, all hand pieces (drills) and lasers are sterilized for each patient.

Barrier Techniques

All dental personnel use disposable masks and gloves that are changed for each patient. They protect all patients and the dental team, to effectively prevent the transfer between them. In addition, all disposable materials are disposed of in biohazard waste containers to protect the environment.

Disinfection Wipe-Down

All surfaces are cleaned and sterilized in-between each patient with a disinfectant that is fast-acting and effective for any contaminated surface.

Waterline Disinfection

The waterlines for each office are run everyday to flush contaminants out